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Nicolae’s talk: The T Word That Everybody Skips

! Have you ever wanted to get better at a game, but got bored to death trying to get through a tutorial? Same here, but don’t fret! Coming to Nordic Game Jam 16 is a proposal for a solution. Have you been caught up in the Move or Die craze? If not you, what are you waiting for? The popular...

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Talk: Do’s and Don’t for Disruptive Delight

The games industry is going through a golden age. Never before has there been a mass market audience hungry to play as well as the amazing tools which allow designers to realise their wildest dreams; but also never before has the competition been so difficult and discovery so elusive. Oscar Clark, Everyplay evangelist and author of Games as a Service:...

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Why hard core mobile games just might work

Do you have a smartphone at hand? Then unlock it for a second. Come on, take a look at it! Now tell me: how many of the games you have installed feature cutesy graphics or social experiences that cater to everyone? We wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of your games fit that description. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you...


SUPERHOT talk: After the jam – Taking your Unity project further

You’ve come to Nordic Game Jam. You spent 48 hours making a game and you’re really proud of that little baby of yours. Now you want to make it better… but how? SUPERHOT is a great example of what to do afterwards. The FPS game, where time moves only when you move, got a lot of media interest when it...

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The strangest name for a talk you’ve ever seen, by Nicklas Nygren

No, the title you see above is not the actual name of the talk. It would be strange if it was, but the real name of the talk is even more strange. And it is quite fitting actually, considering that Nicklas Nygren, the developer behind Knytt Underground, Nightsky and Saira among many others, is quite a strange character. He’ll probably...

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Adriaan de Jongh: All Your Games are the Same

It’s time for more talks announcements! Today we’re happy to reveal that Adriaan de Jongh, best known for his International Games Festival nominated iPad game Fingle (for the Nuovo award for most innovative), will be giving a talk at Nordic Game Jam during the Friday series of talks before the event kick-off. Adriaan is usually delving around unusual ways of interacting with...

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Kvasir Games and how to make a board game in 48 hours

Just like last week we gave you the story of the success of one of Nordic Game Jam 2013’s digital games, now it’s time to talk about the success of one of last year’s board games, Wanted: Igor! The group, formed by Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, Ioana Marin, Anders Lystad Brevik, Tróndur Justinussen, and Simon Cutajar made the award-winning board game Mussades at Nordic Game Jam 2012...

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5 Students, One Game Jam, a Stikbold Game

Every year we see some great games coming out of Nordic Game Jam. Many of them become an amazing showcase for participant’s portfolios. But others become much more: their teams continue to actively develop the game. That was the case of last year’s “Most Fun Game” winner Stikbold, which is currently in development for the OUYA console and looking ahead...


Go from beginner to pro with Unity with our free lectures

Here at Nordic Game Jam we are big fans of Unity, the popular game engine that was born in Copenhagen and quickly caught on with indie game developers, especially in the mobile market. Since it first came out in 2005 the engine has been getting all sort of improvements in usability, performance, features and soon a great new 2D workflow...

People start to arrive! – Nordic Game Jam videoblog #1

People start to arrive! – Nordic Game Jam videoblog #1

We will be liveblogging the entire game jam this year! Do you have anything cool you want to show to the world? Tell your friends and family how great being here is? Then catch either Anchel Labena or Samuel Walz around the venue and we might feature you in one of the videos! Here’s the first post!

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