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Kvasir Games wins the 10K prize for their NGJ game

From left to right, Anders Lystad Brevik, Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, Ioana Marin and Simon Cutajar of Kvasir Games. Not pictured, Tróndur Justinussen Back in January during Nordic Game Jam 2013 (and again in a blog post here) we announced a contest to win 10.000 DKK for those who managed to publish and...


Publish your game and win 10K

m4s0n501 48 hours doesn’t sound like much time for a polished, market-ready game. Small jam games can still demo a great new game mechanic or show a world you want to explore – if only there was more time. If you think you’ve struck gold – take our challenge: Bring...

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