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Present your game at w00t Copenhagen Play Festival

April 22, 2013 at 15:28

Just because winter is (finally!) over here in Copenhagen that doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening for Nordic Game Jam jammers!

We are really proud to announce that thanks to IGDA Denmark we will have a reserved space for some of the Nordic Game Jam teams to present their games at the newly formed w00t Copenhagen Play Festival!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s the brief:

w00t is a festival taking place between the 25th and the 26th of May 2013 full of street games, kids games, game talks and much, much more, organized by the Copenhagen Game Collective and Vallekilde Højskole to give Copenhagen a space for fun and games.

Now we want 5 teams that have participated at Nordic Game Jam to present. That means you will have 10 minutes to show the world your awesome game!

Do you want to be in? Then email with the name of your team and the game that you would like to present and we will get back to you!

Publish your game and win 10K

February 6, 2013 at 16:12

48 hours doesn’t sound like much time for a polished, market-ready game. Small jam games can still demo a great new game mechanic or show a world you want to explore – if only there was more time.

If you think you’ve struck gold – take our challenge: Bring your jam game to the market and have a chance of winning 10,000 DKK. The Nordic Game Jam organization encourages you to polish your game, create more content, more levels, fix the last bugs, re-factor the code, repaint the binary, scramble the faces or whatever you think is necessary to enable selling your game for money.

This is not only a fun competition to win money, but an encouragement to go through a learning experience of “that other part of game development, which is not code or game design” – namely business.

Here’s the deal: Your game must be made purchasable! Any app store, portal, your own website or wherever you prefer to release it. The point is that you’ve taken your game to the market – it has to have a price, and must have sold 1 copy (you have to be able to document it -and no, selling one copy to your mom doesn’t count). UPDATE: licensing deals count as well.

From all the submissions, one winner will be selected. The winner will be announced during the Nordic Game Indie Night in Malmø (free event the night before Nordic Game Conference starts).
Write your submission with a link to the original jam game on and send the documentation of sales to before April 30th.

Good luck!

Btw, we are looking for partners to match the 10K (DKK).

– The Nordic Game Jam Crew

Winners NGJ13!

January 21, 2013 at 17:08

Although we’re all still suffering from jamover, we’ve managed to write this blog post (about time, some would say). Here’s is the voting order of the finalists in this year Nordic Game Jam. The 11 finalist were split in 8 digital games and 3 board games. The board games that made it to the finals were Made in China (Most Fun Board Game), Beast Builder (Most Sellable Board Game) & Burlesque Grotesque (Most Polished Board Game). The theme for NGJ13 was ‘Grotesque’.

Congratulations to all winners and a million thanks to all participants, volunteers, partners, sponsors, organizers and everyone else, who made NGJ13 a huge success! We do this for you!

-The NGJ13 Crew

Audience Award (Main Competition)

1. Spaceship with a Mace

2. Press [X] To Give Up

3. Stikbold

4. Stalagflight

5. Twisted

6. Dragon Pussy

7. 3:15 AM

8. Shrouded Light

9. Made in China

10. Beast Builder

11. Burlesque Grotesque

Most Fun Game

1. Stikbold

2. Stalagflight

3. Spaceship with a Mace

4. Dragon Pussy

5. Press [X] To Give Up

6. Made in China

7. 3:15 AM

8. Beast Builder

9. Twisted

10. Shrouded Light

11. Burlesque Grotesque

Most Innovative Game

1. Twisted

2. Press [X] To Give Up

3. 3:15 AM

4. Spaceship with a Mace

5. Stikbold

6. Stalagflight

7. Shrouded Light

8. Made in China

9. Dragon Pussy

10. Burlesque Grotesque

11. Beast Builder

Most Polished Game

1. Spaceship with a Mace

2. Dragon Pussy

3. Shrouded Light

4. Press [X] To Give Up

5. Stalagflight

6. 3:15 AM

7. Stikbold

8. Twisted

9. Beast Builder

10. Burlesque Grotesque

11. Made in China

Keynote Favorites

Stalagflight & OUOAAAAH (Justin Bieber)

MovieStarPlanet Winner


Casual Connect Europe winners will be announced soon

Check out all the game here!

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