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Magic Mike’s Poster Game

February 14, 2014 at 22:35


The guy you see above is Magic Mike, well known among the Danish games industry as the guy who makes amazing videogame-themed cocktails and sings a song at the end of each Nordic Game Jam before the awards ceremony.
And now we have a special message from him!

I have posted all the #NGJ14 posters around Aalborg University in Copenhagen (the venue where you’re in right now).

Some of them are placed upside down. I need you to give me the number of how many are in that position.

Also I signed a few of the posters with my nickname. I need the number of those posters and their location.

Send that Information to my email (mike_s_k(AT)hotmail(DOT)com).

The deadline for the game is Sunday at 23.00

So whenever you need to get some fresh air, have to get away from your game and get inspiration from other teams or getting food …. look around the walls and participate in the game.

The price for the right answer will be:

To participate with me in creating my next game cocktail as seen on my website: or on Youtube.

So if you win, we will together create an awesome new drink, which will be on my website and youtube, where you will be credited in co-creating it.

Note: If more than one person have the right answer, there will be a random draw. 

Have fun in the Game Jam and make some fun games! Maybe I will someday make a cool cocktail for your game :D


Kvasir Games wins the 10K prize for their NGJ game

May 25, 2013 at 14:21

From left to right, Anders Lystad Brevik, Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, Ioana Marin and Simon Cutajar of Kvasir Games. Not pictured, Tróndur JustinussenFrom left to right, Anders Lystad Brevik, Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, Ioana Marin and Simon Cutajar of Kvasir Games. Not pictured, Tróndur Justinussen

Back in January during Nordic Game Jam 2013 (and again in a blog post here) we announced a contest to win 10.000 DKK for those who managed to publish and sell their jam games.

Today we were pleased to announce at the w00t Copenhagen Play Festival the winners of the contest.

Out of all the entries we got, Kvasir Games with their board game Wanted: Igor, got the prize after managing to produce and sell copies of the game. Wanted: Igor received the award for “Best Sellable Game” during that year’s Nordic Game Jam. In it, up to 5 players have to build a Frankenstein-inspired monster by collecting cards.

The group got their first hands-on making board games together during Nordic Game Jam in 2012, where they created Mussades, an Arabian-themed race-to-the-finish game which won them the Best Board Game Award and the Jury’s Choice Award from David McCarthy of GREE.

The recently-established company is looking to further push distribution of both their games in stores. “We want to put Mussades on Kickstarter and we aim to have both games on shelves in stores as soon as possible“, said Simon Cutajar, co-founder of the company.

From IGDA Denmark and Nordic Game Jam we want to give the entire group a big congratulations and we hope they will continue producing board games in the future.

You can also follow Kvasir Games on both their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Publish your game and win 10K

February 6, 2013 at 16:12

48 hours doesn’t sound like much time for a polished, market-ready game. Small jam games can still demo a great new game mechanic or show a world you want to explore – if only there was more time.

If you think you’ve struck gold – take our challenge: Bring your jam game to the market and have a chance of winning 10,000 DKK. The Nordic Game Jam organization encourages you to polish your game, create more content, more levels, fix the last bugs, re-factor the code, repaint the binary, scramble the faces or whatever you think is necessary to enable selling your game for money.

This is not only a fun competition to win money, but an encouragement to go through a learning experience of “that other part of game development, which is not code or game design” – namely business.

Here’s the deal: Your game must be made purchasable! Any app store, portal, your own website or wherever you prefer to release it. The point is that you’ve taken your game to the market – it has to have a price, and must have sold 1 copy (you have to be able to document it -and no, selling one copy to your mom doesn’t count). UPDATE: licensing deals count as well.

From all the submissions, one winner will be selected. The winner will be announced during the Nordic Game Indie Night in Malmø (free event the night before Nordic Game Conference starts).
Write your submission with a link to the original jam game on and send the documentation of sales to before April 30th.

Good luck!

Btw, we are looking for partners to match the 10K (DKK).

– The Nordic Game Jam Crew

Winners NGJ13!

January 21, 2013 at 17:08

Although we’re all still suffering from jamover, we’ve managed to write this blog post (about time, some would say). Here’s is the voting order of the finalists in this year Nordic Game Jam. The 11 finalist were split in 8 digital games and 3 board games. The board games that made it to the finals were Made in China (Most Fun Board Game), Beast Builder (Most Sellable Board Game) & Burlesque Grotesque (Most Polished Board Game). The theme for NGJ13 was ‘Grotesque’.

Congratulations to all winners and a million thanks to all participants, volunteers, partners, sponsors, organizers and everyone else, who made NGJ13 a huge success! We do this for you!

-The NGJ13 Crew

Audience Award (Main Competition)

1. Spaceship with a Mace

2. Press [X] To Give Up

3. Stikbold

4. Stalagflight

5. Twisted

6. Dragon Pussy

7. 3:15 AM

8. Shrouded Light

9. Made in China

10. Beast Builder

11. Burlesque Grotesque

Most Fun Game

1. Stikbold

2. Stalagflight

3. Spaceship with a Mace

4. Dragon Pussy

5. Press [X] To Give Up

6. Made in China

7. 3:15 AM

8. Beast Builder

9. Twisted

10. Shrouded Light

11. Burlesque Grotesque

Most Innovative Game

1. Twisted

2. Press [X] To Give Up

3. 3:15 AM

4. Spaceship with a Mace

5. Stikbold

6. Stalagflight

7. Shrouded Light

8. Made in China

9. Dragon Pussy

10. Burlesque Grotesque

11. Beast Builder

Most Polished Game

1. Spaceship with a Mace

2. Dragon Pussy

3. Shrouded Light

4. Press [X] To Give Up

5. Stalagflight

6. 3:15 AM

7. Stikbold

8. Twisted

9. Beast Builder

10. Burlesque Grotesque

11. Made in China

Keynote Favorites

Stalagflight & OUOAAAAH (Justin Bieber)

MovieStarPlanet Winner


Casual Connect Europe winners will be announced soon

Check out all the game here!

Win a scholarship to the Indie Showcase at Casual Connect!

January 15, 2013 at 00:19

One of our event sponsors, Casual Connect Europe, is bringing some great news for all of you. Casual Connect is a yearly event where talented professionals in the casual games industry meet to network and showcase their latest titles while they learn more about the latest trends.
This year’s event will run February 12-14 2013 in Hamburg, and YOU could be part of it!
And that’s because this year the top 5 placing games at Nordic Game Jam will win an Indie Scholarship to showcase their game at the indie track, giving you access to great industry connections and over 6,500 professionals that gather at the event every year.
The Indie Scholarship program provides a pass to Casual Connect Europe, Indie Track, Indie Lounge and the Indimix party.
So you know what to do! If you want to take this great opportunity join us this weekend and give your best shot at making a great game!

WIN a promotion of your game with MovieStarPlanet

January 11, 2013 at 19:29
After all the hard work you put into making a cool game for Nordic Game Jam, it’s only reasonable to try and get your game known everywhere possible, right?
Well, MovieStarPlanet has an offer to help you participants with that!
If you and your team decide to make a game addressed towards tweens (kids aged 8-13 years old) you can enter to win a promotion of your game to 100,000 tweens as well as a reward of 10,000 DKK to complete the development of the game.
This is a great opportunity to get A LOT of actual users to notice and play your game and enjoy your hard work!
Of course to participate in this competition you won’t have to give up being part of the main game jam. You can be part of both! The only requirement is that your game is made with tweens in mind: it has to be something appropriate for them and that the would love to play. The game can be either an app for phones and tablets or a game for the web browser. Besides that, your imagination is the limit!
If you’re interested stay updated through us, since we will soon release more information on how to register into this competition!

Don’t want digital? Board games never stopped being cool!

January 6, 2013 at 12:07

Nordic Game Jam was born out of a passion for making games.

But games doesn’t necessarily have to mean only digital. In fact at last year’s Nordic Game Jam the board games track was quite a success!

So once more we are proud to announce that participants at Nordic Game Jam will be able to choose to leave computers away and get physical with board games. That includes of course any sort of card or other types of games you may think of. Paper, cards, pencils, scissors, beads and any other material you can find will be your tools if you choose to take this path.

We will also count with CEO Knut Strømfors from Norwegian board game publisher Vennerød Forlag as part of the panel of judges. Put your best efforts, because there is a chance to get a prototype of your game out there along with the main prize.

The board games track will also have exclusive talks! “Rising Star Inventor” award winner Martin Neergaard Andersen will be present. He has licensed well over 25 games and sold more than 40 game ideas in 2012 alone. And expect more surprises for this year’s Nordic Game Jam.

Still not convinced about the board games track? Then trust Simon Cutajar from last year’s winning team Sugarush with the game Mussades: “It’s nice to be able to get away from the stress of programming, and to be able to play with cardboard for a weekend instead.

Three of the members of Team Sugarush

If you’ve already signed up for Nordic Game Jam then all you have to do is state which track you want to join when you arrive at the venue.

And if you still haven’t got your ticket then this is your chance to do something different. What are you waiting for?

Nordic Food Challenge Deadline postponed to Sunday at 14:00!

January 9, 2012 at 14:34

We decided to extend the deadline for the Nordic Food Challenge, and now the deadline is the same as the NGJ12 hand-in deadline, Sunday at 14:00.

The challenge stays the same: make the best game about Nordic Food and win 10 000 kr for a trip to GDC in San Francisco!

Nordic Game will be cooperating with its sister program of the Nordic Council of Ministers, in creating a special event during this year’s GDC in San Francisco. The event is planned to contain a special Nordic dinner as well as the infamous Nordic Party with New Nordic Food.

As part of this, a competition is being launched for the Nordic Game Jam 2012 participants. The goal is to create a game about Nordic Food within the next three weeks before the NGJ12 starts.

The competing creations will then be reviewed by Jacob Riis of Nordic Game and Charlotta Ranert of New Nordic Food, and a winner will be selected and announced at the NGJ12 Award Ceremony on Sunday, 29th of January.

The winner will receive 10 000 kr. to use for a flight ticket to SF and a admission pass for GDC. If the game is of appropriate quality, it will be displayed during the event in San Francisco.

The deadline for submissions is 14:00 on Sunday, 29th of January.

Email all submission to The submission email should contain the following information:

– about the creators of the game,

– description, instructions and link to the game,

– optional, but recommended is in-game video (especially if the game runs on other platforms but PC and requires game accessories).

Best of luck to you all! :)

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