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Talks about Windows Phone 7 development and Farseer Physics Engine

We are proud to announce Alexandar Skronski from Nokia, who will give a short introduction about the joint Nokia and Microsoft merchandizing opportunities for WP applications. We are also proud to announce Ian Qvist, who will give two talks introducing the XNA game development framework and how it can be utilized to build powerful games on the Windows Phone 7 platform.


NGJ Presents Main Talk: Rapid game development in Unity

Speaker: Emil “AngryAnt” Johansen, game developer, AI specialist, Unity expert Day job: Creating awesome demo content at Unity Technologies Copenhagen. After hours: Creating awesome AI middleware at Web: Twitter: @AngryAnt Tips and tricks built on years of blood, sweat and mockery. Under the looming flag of “SHIP ETH!”, I’ll share a bunch of guidelines, principles and work methods which I...

Marek Plichta

NGJ Presents an Indie Artist Talk: How a two and a half fine artist made a game that is actually fun to play! By Marek Plichta (Spaces of Play)

Marek Plichta will speak about the creative design process of the physical box stacking game Ordnungswissenschaft. The game was created in three days in collaboration with the fine artists Till Wittwer and Jakob Penca. They managed to blend their different interests like procedural computation, theater and game design to create a game that makes the player act like a simple...

Logo Shop

Nordic Game Jam 2012 Presents: The Logo Shop

You know that feeling in your stomach when your Game Jam Game finally comes together? When it gets a higher state of meaning just minutes before the final deadline when you’re high on cold coffee and lack of sleep? Yet your heart tells you that something is wrong… The Comic Sans that you’ve chosen for your game logo just doesn’t...


Making Board Games: The LEGO-Way – by Cephas Howard (Senior Design Manager, LEGO)

Cephas Howard will be giving a short talk at the NGJ12 about the development of LEGO Heroica roleplaying board game: Why his team did what they did, what they learned, some behind the scenes stuff, some images of fan built sets and even the many fan modded rulesets appearing online, as the community begins to make the LEGO board game their own. Cephas...

Petri Purho

Nordic Game Jam 2012 Presents a Petri Purho Talk – Why Being Poor and Having No Budget is Good for Making Games!

The NGJ12 is happy and proud to present Indie Game Developer Petri to speak at the jam! For those that do not know Petri, besides creating the first iteration of the awesome game “Jesus vs. Dinosaurs“, at last year’s Nordic Game Jam 2011 with Martin Jonasson,  here’s a little bit more about him: Full Name: Petri Purho Title/Position: Programmer Company: Kloonigames Short biography: Petri Purho is...

Nordic Game Jam Poster

Final Nordic Game Jam Tickets!

Dear Participants and Future Participants, There are just over 50 tickets left for the Nordic Game Jam 2012! Be sure to pass on the message to your friends and family :). Send them to the following link HERE to buy the tickets. The t-shirt design will also be revealed soon and we guarantee you that you will LOVE IT! :o)....

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