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Update on Nordisk Film “Crafty Creatures” competition

Update on Nordisk Film “Crafty Creatures” competition

We have decided to change the format for the Crafty Creatures competition that was recently announced on the NGJ blog. We realize that you’ll be very busy during the NGJ weekend producing your own game concepts, so we have decided to postpone the deadline for contest submissions – giving you time to create cool stuff for Crafty Creatures after the...


48 Hour Games – The Nordic Game Jam interactive documentary

    Last year there was a documentary crew at the Nordic Game Jam filming the event and following teams and characters. Some of the footage will be used in an interactive documentary funded by the New Danish Screen. The director Suvi Andrea Helminen and two of her assistant photographers will be filming again at the game jam this year,...

Anchel Labena

Interview: Anchel, a NGJ2011 participant

It’s the eve of the 2012 version of the Nordic Game Jam, and we’ve managed to contact Anchel Labena, a previous participant of the Nordic Game Jam who can’t wait to see what we have in store this year. What is your personal background? Anchel: Before starting ITU’s Master in Game Design I studied a Bachelor’s in Radio, TV and Film...

Jeppe Carlsen

Exciting names in our NGJ jury this year

Dear jammers, after the NGJ hand-in on Sunday, Presentations and Voting will start where you and four guest judges will select the best games that will be announced at the Award Show. We are proud the present you this years four amazing profiles from the game industry: Jeppe Carlsen (Playdead Games), David McCarthy (GREE), Manveer Heir (BioWare), and Ole Teglbjærg (Press Play).


Jam Games – The Physical Way

Nordic Game Jam 2012 will yet again give particpants the freedom to create a game on any platform. Last year we introduced the possibility to design a board game, running on a separate track with separate judges and seperate (awesome) prizes. Not hindered by stupid obstacles like writing code or producing assets, some of the board game groups managed to design and finalize up to...

Talks about Windows Phone 7 development and Farseer Physics Engine

We are proud to announce Alexandar Skronski from Nokia, who will give a short introduction about the joint Nokia and Microsoft merchandizing opportunities for WP applications. We are also proud to announce Ian Qvist, who will give two talks introducing the XNA game development framework and how it can be utilized to build powerful games on the Windows Phone 7 platform.


NGJ Presents Main Talk: Rapid game development in Unity

Speaker: Emil “AngryAnt” Johansen, game developer, AI specialist, Unity expert Day job: Creating awesome demo content at Unity Technologies Copenhagen. After hours: Creating awesome AI middleware at Web: Twitter: @AngryAnt Tips and tricks built on years of blood, sweat and mockery. Under the looming flag of “SHIP ETH!”, I’ll share a bunch of guidelines, principles and work methods which I...

Marek Plichta

NGJ Presents an Indie Artist Talk: How a two and a half fine artist made a game that is actually fun to play! By Marek Plichta (Spaces of Play)

Marek Plichta will speak about the creative design process of the physical box stacking game Ordnungswissenschaft. The game was created in three days in collaboration with the fine artists Till Wittwer and Jakob Penca. They managed to blend their different interests like procedural computation, theater and game design to create a game that makes the player act like a simple...

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