We have decided to change the format for the Crafty Creatures competition that was recently announced on the NGJ blog.

We realize that you’ll be very busy during the NGJ weekend producing your own game concepts, so we have decided to postpone the deadline for contest submissions – giving you time to create cool stuff for Crafty Creatures after the Game Jam.

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • To participate, you will need to send a mail by Wednesday February 1st to crafty@nordiskfilm.com
    You will then receive a mail response with info on how to sign up for the competition.
  • You can participate as a group or as an individual. If you participate as a group, you will need to assign a group leader who sends the mail. If you win a prize, the prize will be sent to the group leader, who will be responsible of sharing or splitting it among the group.
  • The first 20 people/groups, who sign up will take part in the competition. As the competition is running as a closed beta, there will be no extra spaces available, so be sure to sign up quickly.
  • To participate you will need to have access to an iPhone or an iPad (iPad is recommended).
  • Participants will receive a playable beta version of the game to download for their device.
    The game will contain a level editor complete with a user friendly tutorial.
  •  Participants will have to submit their game levels by February 10th.
  • The winners are selected by a jury from Nordisk Film and Progressive Media (the game developer).
  • Winners will be contacted by mail and the winners will be announced on the NGJ website.
  • The prizes are:

1st prize: 1 PS3 console + 10 PS3 games
2nd prize: 10 PS3 games
3rd prize: 5 PS3 games