NGJ Presents an Industry Veteran Talk by Jon Hare About IP Licensing, Management and Royalties!

The Nordic Game Jam is proud to present to you a Jon Hare Talk – an industry veteran with a tonne of history and experience.

Jon Hare will be sharing a career retrospective, from Sensible Software to date, focusing on managing original IP in the 1980s and 1990s and how some of those lessons could play a role with being relearned in the modern era, now that the domination of the console giants are behind us.

Jon Hare is one of Europe’s best known creative directors and game designers with over 10 international number one games to his name. Besides being most known as the creator of “Sensible World of Soccer” and “Cannon Fodder”, here’s a little bit more about him:

Since 1999, Jon has been one of the top game design and business development consultants in Europe working for many different publishing and development clients. On top of this his current publishing company Tower Studios specializes in games on mobile and social formats and has recently enjoyed international success with the release of Speedball 2 Evolution for iOS and Mac.ver 25 years experience in the games industry. He also designed “Sensible World of Soccer” the most influential European developed game of all time, according to Stanford University. Jon co-founded and managed the legendary 1980s and 90s development company Sensible Software, creating games such as Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder and Wizball to great critical acclaim and commercial success and has also worked in senior posts in the two biggest British games publishers Codemasters and Jagex.

As an established industry figurehead Jon has enjoyed a high media profile across Europe since 1987. As a fully voting BAFTA member since 2004, Jon serves on the BAFTA Games Committee, working both on award juries and in mentorship events with young people. He has also spoken at numerous industry events and universities across Europe. It is here where his experience in game design, creative leadership, people management, licensing and publishing can provide a great deal of help and influence in providing his unique take in shaping the games industry.

Don’t miss it! ;)

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