World-renowned Game Designer Greg Costikyan comes to Denmark

World-renowned Game Designer Greg Costikyan comes to Denmark

The American games industry veteran Greg Costikyan will host the keynote at Nordic Game Jam 2011. The keynote sets the tone for the whole event and deals with the future of independent gaming.

Independently developed games – indiegames – have been gaining momentum over the last 5 years. Artistic titles like Braid, World Of Goo, Darwinia, Machinarium & Minecraft have been commercial successes and companies like Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony have opened up online-distribution on their gaming platforms to give the independent developers direct access to the audience. The danish games Limbo, Max & The Magic Marker and B.U.T.T.O.N. have been released though these new distribution channels.

Greg Costikyan is a veteran of the games industry and has been a fierce advocate for independently developed games for more than a decade. He is widely renowned and respected in the global games industry and a passionate speaker at international conferences.

He was one of the initiators of the “Scratchware Manifesto” in 2000, where a group of game designers argued for a break with the traditional publisher/developer business model and has been advocating this issue ever since.

Greg Costikyan has a 30 year history in the games industry with more then 30 published titles in all types of genres: boardgames, roleplaying games, computer games, online-games, mobile games & social network games. He worked with global franchises like Star Wars & Star Trek and founded the first American mobile game publisher.

In 2005 Greg Costikyan founded Manifesto Games as an independent distribution channel for independently developed pc- and Mac-games. Manifesto Games pioneered digital distribution of independently developed games, but was overtaken by other distributors and closed for sales in 2009. The webblog was created as a spin-off from Manifesto Games and is still active as a place to learn about innovative alternative games.

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