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Reminder on submissions for NGJ 16 and how Sunday will go down!

Hello Jammers! Here is a reminder regarding the program for Sunday – NGJ16. The schedule is really tight – so we need all of you jammers to pay VERY close attention :). Check your emails now or first thing in the morning. You will find an email telling you the room of where your game has been allocated to be...

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Audiokinetic is sponsoring the “SoundBooth” at Nordic Game Jam 2016 – Get advice and sound assets for your game!

Need a piece of music or specific sound design for your game? Need technical assistance implementing sound into your project? Please drop by the booth and the Audiokinetic team of experts will do their utmost to help! “We wanted to do something special this year, something that could really add value to the Nordic Game Jam Community”, says Thomas Bärtschi...

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Game submission via

So you want to submit your game… The link is: And it happens in 3 steps. 1) Create a user (if you don’t have one) 2) Create the game project (You don’t have to upload much. Just placeholder so we know something is coming tomorrow) 3) Submit this project to the jam. You will be asked about team size and...

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Buy official NGJ 16 merchandise!

As of right now, everyone can buy items to remember Nordic Game Jam 2016 by. Bags go for 50 DKK   and posters are 30 DKK.  They can be purchased at info desk 1. At the moment purchases can be made via mobile pay but, a cash system will soon be in place too. Happy shopping!


Can you take on the Wolves? CS:GO Play!

      2v2 in CS:GO vs eSport Pros from the Copenhagen Wolves at the Danske Spil booth in Building 15! Take a break from your jamming and give this game a go! At 14:00 today, let off some steam by playing against the pros and win some awesome prizes!  

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Livestream Rami Ismail’s Talk at NGJ 16

Stream of Rami Ismail’s Nordic Game Jam 16 talk available on the following links! Keep your eyes on these channels for more great exclusive NGJ 16 content. [5:29]

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Vallekilde Café is officially open!

As was previously announced, Vallekilde Folk High School is setting up a café at the jam and it is now officially open! Building 12, just up the stairs! Vallekilde café is built by students from the programs: game academy, event and leadership as well as design. Students from these programs will be lending a hand there. At the café, there will...

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