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Remember the Polish invasion at #NGJ14? Now it’s time to strike back!

April 7, 2014 at 13:28

NGJ goes to Poland

Back in February, our friends from Poland took a bus together to Nordic Game Jam 2014, made a lot of noise and created several of the games that made it to the finals and won awards.

Now they invite you and every other NGJ participant to take part in their Polish Game Developers Conference that will take place on October 25-26 2014, with a special offer exclusively for those who attended NGJ!

There’s two different things here:

On one side you can participate in the event itself with a special deal that will get you the following:

  • A stand on Poznan Game Arena fair
  • Talk on Game Developers Convention to over 2K visitors! (talk proposal must pass program committee review)
  • Participation in new “Best indie presentation” award
  • Access to all fair attractions (shows, premieres, competitions, etc…) and conference events (talks, panels, workshops, jam, etc…)
  • Accommodation for two nights  (with possible cheap extensions eg. additional nights or double room)
  • Partial catering / half board (breakfast in hotel and lunch at the fair VIP zone)
  • 2 passes for business evening – PARTY! for game developers/exhibitors
  • 3 exhibitor passes for entire event and a car pass (where needed)
  • 10 passes for the PGA VIP and Press Day (18.10) for you to distribute freely
  • Press information in new on
  • Your logo on map in PGA magazine
  • Information on you in Press Center of the fairs in media packs
  • Information on you in Press Pack for media on press conference

If you are a previous Nordic Game Jam participant you can get all of this for 199 € (only until May 15th!)

And of course if you’d rather just attend the event, the price is simply 5 €, which will allow you to see the fair and attend the conference (just no food or accommodation).

Last year we had some of the NGJ organizers participating and it was a great experience!

The standard price for participating in the event is of 250 € if you were not a NGJ jammer.

You can read more about the event on their English website here:
You can also contact Jakub for questions: 

We hope several of you will take this opportunity to attend this event.

The NGJ Team

#NGJ14 is over! Long live #NGJ14!

February 18, 2014 at 16:44


What a crazy weekend this has been! We’ve had so many things going on that just looking back at it makes you wonder how was it possible for so much to happen in so little time.

We really hope you have all enjoyed participating in Nordic Game Jam 2014 as much as we have enjoyed organizing it!

But let’s get back to the most important thing of the game jam: THE GAMES!

Because, at the end of the day, Nordic Game Jam is all about meeting new people and making cool games together. Whether it was your first game ever, a game you are now really proud of, or a project that you failed with (but learned a lot from). Games are at the core of this event. This year we had the astonishing amount of 110 games submitted (check them all out here!), with a total of 500 participants, making #NGJ14 the biggest game jam in the world! That’s yet another new record set by us!

And while we’ve seen some quite amazing things created by all of you surrounding this year’s theme of PRIVACY, the most outstanding of them made it to the final round of presentations.

Want to take a quick look again into which games they were and how to download them? Here are all the finalists!

All these were great games that were voted by the audience in each of the separate categories and they all deserve a huge round of applause for making it this far. If you haven’t tried them out yet, we recommend you give them a go by following their respective links to Unicorn 7!

And finally, the winners of Nordic Game Jam 2014!

3rd place – “Filth” and “In Space No One Can Hear You Cry”

It’s a draw between “Filth“ and the eye-tracking space shooter “In Space No One Can Hear You Cry!

Filth InSpaceNoOneCanHearYouCry
“Filth” and “In Space No One Can Hear You Cry”

2nd place – “No Privacy in a Bobsled”

The audience voted for the DDR dance mat controlled No Privacy in a Bobsled“!


1st place – “Richard Anderson’s Putting Challenge”

And the winner of Nordic Game Jam 2014 is…

Richard Anderson’s Putting Challenge!


Congratulations to all of the winning teams!

But that was not all for NGJ14. As usual we have a host of honorable mentions:

Then we have the choices from the jury:

And finally we have the choice from our Gold Sponsor, Google Play:

To each and all of you, congratulations! We hope you had an amazing weekend and that we will get to see you once again next year!

But of course, this is not the end of it! We will still update this website and our Facebook and Twitter pages with photos from the event, videos, announcements and more! So stay with us for upcoming news!

Until then, have a huge THANK YOU from the organizers and volunteers team that made Nordic Game Jam 2014 a reality! (Who, as usual, are never all of them in the same picture)


The Board Games category deadline

February 15, 2014 at 16:01


Here’s a very important announcement for the Board Games category.

Since the board games presentations always take that little extra bit of time to showcase, the deadline for this category will be one hour earlier than everybody else.

That means that on Sunday afternoon, at 13.00, you will need to put down all your cards, carboard, board pieces, dice, scissors, stickers, 3D printed pieces and more down on the tables and get ready to follow instructions from the amazing Kristín, who will take you through the procedure for the presentations and lead the judges to see your games.

Presentations will take place in room 2.1.042!

So remember: be ready at 13.00 to showcase a game you should be proud of! After all, making a board game in 48 hours is not an easy feat!

Make your game look cooler with a logo

February 15, 2014 at 15:21

WP_20140215_15_00_01_Pro (2)

Meet Alex and Kremena. They live at the Info Desk. They make cool logos!

And we all know how much of a difference presentation can make on a game. But it’s a game jam after all, and that means there’s little time to make things look as good as you would like to.

That’s where Alex and Kremena come in! They will be down here ready to listen to your game projects and adapt your artstyle into a logo you can use for your game on the start screen, on your app icon (hey, you got a Nexus 7 to try it on!), on your presentation slides, on your portfolio…

So step your game up and get a cool logo for you! Find the Logo Shop until late tonight at the Info Desk!

Your Unity Pro license is ready!

February 15, 2014 at 09:48


Once again Unity, the world’s fastest growing 3D multi-platform game engine, is sponsoring Nordic Game Jam. Which, of course, means that all of you jammers have access to the Pro version of the engine, a package worth over 1000 €.

Many of you have been patiently awaiting for the Unity Pro license, and now your wish is our command!

Please check the email you registered with, since you should have received your key to activate the Pro license with which you can make your game jam game look even more awesome while you access some of Unity’s most advanced features, for free during the game jam!

Along with the license you will find a survey where we want to learn more about your jam experience to provide for further improvements in following NGJ events (if we are serious about reaching Rune’s prediction of 10,000 participants, we’d better be ready! ;-) ).

So please find the email in your inbox, activate your key, and fill in the survey!

We look forward to seeing what you all get to make with it!

Come and play with anyone with Google Play’s Special Award!

February 14, 2014 at 23:07


First of all, let’s address the big elephant in the room:

YES! It’s true! Up to the first 500 Nordic Game Jam participants are getting a Nexus 7 tablet courtesy of our Gold Sponsor for #NGJ14, Google Play!

Those of you around, you already know what you have to do: starting at 23:00 you will be able to stop by the Info Desk and grab your Nexus 7. But remember that you will have to come to get it ONE BY ONE. A single person coming to collect several for one group won’t do.

And now, the second part of the announcement: Google Play’s Special Award category!

With your shiny new Nexus 7 tablets, it’s never been so easy to come up with great ideas for games on Android. Which is why this is the perfect opportunity to participate in this special award category. All you need to do is the following:

  • Create a game that runs on Android & Nexus 7
  • The game must integrate Play Game services
  • It must make innovative use of one of the following features:
    • Turn-based multiplayer (Android & web only)
    • Real-time multiplayer (Android)
    • Liquid Fun physics engine (get useful resources here)
  • The theme is Play with anyone

At the end of the game jam, a panel of judges chosen by Google Play will be deciding the winner of this award. And what does the winner get? Quite a big deal, actually!

  • First of all, it is access to Google Play Games BD and Developer Relations Team
  • And second, as long as the winning game passes Google Play’s review, it will be considered for featuring on Google Play

The only requirements are that the game launches first on Google Play and that it needs to pass quality review.

So get ready to jam and make some awesome games for your new Nexus 7!

Magic Mike’s Poster Game

February 14, 2014 at 22:35


The guy you see above is Magic Mike, well known among the Danish games industry as the guy who makes amazing videogame-themed cocktails and sings a song at the end of each Nordic Game Jam before the awards ceremony.
And now we have a special message from him!

I have posted all the #NGJ14 posters around Aalborg University in Copenhagen (the venue where you’re in right now).

Some of them are placed upside down. I need you to give me the number of how many are in that position.

Also I signed a few of the posters with my nickname. I need the number of those posters and their location.

Send that Information to my email (mike_s_k(AT)hotmail(DOT)com).

The deadline for the game is Sunday at 23.00

So whenever you need to get some fresh air, have to get away from your game and get inspiration from other teams or getting food …. look around the walls and participate in the game.

The price for the right answer will be:

To participate with me in creating my next game cocktail as seen on my website: or on Youtube.

So if you win, we will together create an awesome new drink, which will be on my website and youtube, where you will be credited in co-creating it.

Note: If more than one person have the right answer, there will be a random draw. 

Have fun in the Game Jam and make some fun games! Maybe I will someday make a cool cocktail for your game :D


Yum… YUM!! What will I eat at the game jam?

February 14, 2014 at 16:55

AAU Copenhagen canteen

As you already know, during the game jam food will be completely taken care of.

But what is it that you will be getting during this weekend you ask?

Well, here’s the meal plan for your pleasure!

Friday 14th

Sandwiches at 18:00

Saturday 15th

Breakfast 9-10: Bread, cheese, jam, tea, coffee and opportunity to buy yogurt, cocoa milk…

Lunch 12-13: Buffet at the canteen, with salads, two warm dishes, butter, bread and water.

Cake at 15-16

Dinner 18-19: Soup, lasagna with salad – Vegetarian option: bread, cheese and water.

Sunday 16th

Brunch 9-13: Bacon, sausages, egg, cheese, ham, muesli, yoghurt, fruits, bread, butter, jam, cake, tea and coffee.

Sandwiches at 18-19

From Unity to Windows Phone 8

February 13, 2014 at 20:53

Mikkel Helleberg Jørgensen ProfileMikkel Helleberg Jørgensen is 22 years old and a student in his 6th semester at Aalborg University Copenhagen. He joined the Microsoft Student Partner programme last summer (2013) with the main purpose of developing Apps for the Windows platform (Windows 8.1 primarily). He also works at Aalborg University in AAU Innovation Cph, where they work with promoting innovation and providing frameworks for building a network for the students.

Mikkel is also engaged in a start-up company called EduMode where we transform existing games into educational games. Besides this, he also has his own company, Syntac Studios, which is in its starting phase with the purpose of providing companies with videos for their websites, developing apps and other graphical tasks.

At 16:00-16:30 on Friday the 14th of February, Mikkel will hold a talk on “Apps for Windows Phone using Unity”, where he provide a demonstration and detail the WP development process, exporting the projects for Visual Studio 2013, adding platform specific details to the IDE as well as creating a .xaml package for release. Information and a run through on the details of a Developer account and launching an app on the Windows Phone Store will be given.

Be there for this great demo by an enthusiastic young talent that will for sure inspire you.

Jammin‘ With Board Games?!

February 13, 2014 at 15:37

Though game jams usually focus on games of the digital persuasion Nordic Game Jam seeks to  offer something more. For the last three years a board game track has run alongside the digital one, offering participants the chance to do something different, and this year it‘s still going strong.

A portion of what awaits! 

To facilitate the brainstorming and building of new board games some sacrifices must be made. In this case that means the cannibalization of other board games, collected together into the Hoard, and available to all board game trackers. And believe us when we say that using  the Hoard (and some scissors and glue) makes life much easier when making a board game on a deadline. The games and game components contained in the Hoard have been generously donated to us from Bergsala Enigma, a Danish board game company.

This year we‘re offering an Audio + Board Games Track during the Friday talks. There will be two board game specific talks, one from Emil Larsen who successfully funded his board game through Kickstarter last year. He‘ll be talking about the do‘s and don‘ts of a Kickstarter campaign, something applicable to both board games and their digital brethren. There will also be a talk by the three award-winning games from last year‘s board game track; The team behind Made in China, Huggenheimer, and Kvasir Games. Stop by if you want to hear tips and tricks on how to survive a cardboard jam.

Getting started

The jammers who choose to work on board games tend to get more sleep during the jam, since technological difficulties are out of the equation. So far all the board game participants have worked together in a single room, surrounded by plastic, paper, and cardboard. Although the entire jam is of course buzzing with ideas and ambition, the proximity and working on such a common theme makes for a very good environment. And for loads of playtesters of course!

boardGame4 boardGame3
Caption: Creativity! 

Judgement in progress

The board game track also has the distinction of having its own awards, while still being eligible for the main awards of the jam. Once the deadline is past the teams create play-stations for their games and the board game track judges (and anybody who is interested) play the games. The categories for the board game awards will be announced at a later time, but we can tell you that there will be three winning games at the end of the jam.

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